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About Us

Swiss Queen GmbH is a Swiss research and production company in the field of cannabis. Swiss Queen specializes in genetic development, organic cultivation, and the proper processing of hemp plants into high-quality end products for consumers.

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The proper production and processing of Swiss Queen products are based on the expertise of our professionals and partners. Since its inception and the establishment of its structure, Swiss Queen has focused on the professional development of all quality management processes, research and development in various fields, and the qualified processing of raw materials into high-quality end products.


Swiss Queen exclusively relies on organic and organic processes, as well as controlled and certified processes. Therefore, Swiss Queen stands for quality, reliability, and competence.


Swiss Queen relies on recognized Swiss partners whose supply chains are 100% guaranteed in Switzerland. Swiss Queen communicates clearly, openly, and transparently with its stakeholders about all products and services produced.

The Team

At Swiss Queen, our dedicated team of passionate professionals (made up of visionary leadership, scientific experts, and quality assurance specialists) collaborates tirelessly to bring you the finest cannabis products. Rooted in research, driven by quality.

Our Promise

Swiss Queen is committed daily to providing safe access to cannabis plant products and, in this process, ensuring intergenerational education.





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